Agriculture Organization of Eastern Azerbaijan introduced background in agriculture organization of the government
Agriculture Organization of East Azarbaijan tasks Developments History of Jihad
Integration period
Background in agriculture organization of the government
Government responsibility in the agriculture sector consistently affected by long-time policy makers perspectives on organizational set the country has been reflected and crystallized. Qajaryan period of time before governments primarily exploited as productive agricultural production and efforts to increase agricultural production were not significant. Based on available documents, the organizational structure that period, the organizational topics and Court Administration Khalsjat Khalsjat there, during the reign of King Mozafaroldin Department Khalsjat and there Rqbat Daralkhlafh Iqbal Mohammad Khan and Dawla was responsible for its affairs. The first and second cabinet after the constitutional settlement and agriculture and the agriculture ministry Khalsjat Mozafaroldin created and led the king to the scriptorium, Mirza Nasrullah Khan Nasralsltnh as minister appointed by the ministry said.
After creating the Ministry of agriculture and commerce and public works in 1296, Academy of Agriculture in 1317 words instead chose the word agriculture and husbandry department in the organization of the Ministry of National Economy in 1310 had been approved by the Department of Agriculture name was changed. Organization to August 1320 Department of Agriculture includes 14 office and two firms (firms and firms Hesarak Vashnasy) with specialized tasks related to agricultural affairs existed that considering the multiplicity and diversity of the state when they decided to convert it to the department. Thus R. Foroughi Zka’almlk government in September 1320, Ali Akbar Hakim as the first Secretary of Agriculture to the National Assembly (the former) was introduced. Confidence vote by the Assembly Government gave Foroughi, adopted into the Department of Agriculture Department of Agriculture was seen as the first organizational structure, including the Ministry of Agriculture in 1320: Ministerial areas, Department of Agriculture, Veterinary Department, Pest Office, part of administrative and financial , and Meteorology Bureau of Statistics and Economics, Department of Writing and Publishing and Advertising and the Department of Education. Then Ministry of Agriculture respectively organizations in the years 1325, 1328, 1335, 1343, 1346, 1347, 1350, 1351 and 1356, was revised and changed.
Developments History of Jihad
Jihad on the order of June 27 1358 Islamic Revolution and founder of the Great Leader of Islamic Republic of Iran Imam Khomeini (RA) to combat poverty and exclusion from the regime remained Stmshahy, Rural Development, agricultural growth and development and move toward country's independence and self-sufficiency was established.
Following the issuance of decree of Imam Khomeini (RA) and committed group of young Muslims and the Islamic Human Rights in Iran and intended to serve Qrbt oppressed and disadvantaged segments of villages rose to the feet, thus the body text of the revolutionary masses million Muslim people was formed . After the decree of Imam (RA) Jihad movement and aim with two countries in reconstruction steps taken:
1 - removing exclusion from the villages of the simplest accommodations were denied.
2 - providing sufficient income and job creation in villages and ultimately growth and prosperity of the country's agricultural self-sufficiency.
Statute of villages in the history of Jihad Plan 27/03/1358 entity called Jihad and Jihad in the formation of the Supreme Council adopted a target date 27/06/1358 mobilize resources and talents of the people and Government Affairs for cooperation in preparing and implementing an effective and rapid Reconstruction and restoration projects in all aspects of society, its spiritual and material needs with and emphasis on rural and remote parts of the country.
06/27/1358 in turn to the institution of Jihad Construction Jihad Ministry and in 1367 administrative law, finance, employment and organizational Construction Jihad Ministry and approved in September 1369 the law separating the duties of Agriculture and Construction Jihad Vzartyn Approved that the assignment of new duties and joined the organizations and institutions related to Jihad and approved organization overview, Ministry of Construction Jihad organization, including: Ministerial Office, Office of International Affairs, Public Relations Department, Office of Preservation, Office of Economic Cooperation, and Research Center rural issues, administration and coordination of provincial affairs organizations, ideological education management, financial and administrative deputy, Deputy Project and Planning, Department of Education and Research, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs Department, Watershed Department, Department of Civil and cottage industries, promotion of Deputy and participation of people, livestock Affairs and its affiliated organizations and companies, the country's forests and pastures organizations, veterinary organizations, the organization of tribal affairs, Iranian Fisheries Company, Country Meat Company, Support Services Jihad, fodder production and distribution company, Engineering Services Jihad, Iran Dairy Industries Company, Iran and Poultry Company Fund Mzvryt of the work and disability.
Integration period
According to agriculture and rural development in the executive after the Islamic Revolution of Iran axis of economic and social development and broad developments in the field of agriculture and the rural and tribal areas has created. According to the law of the Third Economic, Social and Cultural Islamic Republic of Iran is obliged to state for administrative reform, reducing unnecessary enterprises, improve productivity and efficiency of human resources and executive management, parallel work is removed .... . Collapse Affairs and Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development will adopt the necessary measures. In this regard, the bill merging ministries and formation of Jihad and Agriculture Ministry of Agriculture by the Management and Planning Organization was prepared and approved by the Cabinet after the sixth since January in the year to 79 was approved by Parliament and the tenth since the Persian month Dey months of 1379 was approved by the Guardian Council.
Cabinet meeting dated 04/02/1381 The proposed number dated 07.09.1380 9041/89-13899/105 Management and Planning Organization, and according to Article (2) of the Ministry of Agriculture approved the formation in 1379 - job description Agriculture Department detailed the following be adopted and communicated.
Policy, planning and monitoring - Research, Education and Extension - State natural resources and watershed management, agricultural infrastructure and rural development - agriculture, livestock Vabzyan - State support.
We hope the whole family with great effort Agriculture, provide fields to fulfill the law and in the near future we will witness the development of sustainable agriculture.
Introduction of Agriculture in East Azerbaijan
East Azarbaijan Province Agricultural Affairs includes all areas related to agriculture, horticulture, livestock and natural resources in the period before the Islamic Revolution fully focused by the Agriculture Department was run. After establishing command Jihad Islamic Revolution Leader, activities related to livestock and poultry, natural resources, fisheries and the like was transferred to the Jihad. In 1372 total offices, and Agriculture Jihad, both the level of whole organizations and agencies improved their level of developed cities. Formed in 1379 with the merger of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad Ministry and the Ministry of Agriculture, the agricultural organizations in the housing unit as Agriculture Organization was concentrated.


A determination of policies and guidelines regulating exploitation of land and planting patterns to suit the climate regions.
2 adopt necessary measures to provide agricultural credit facilities to use facilities and other resources to increase agricultural production.
3 planning and implementing programs to enhance agricultural production in the context of development programs, economic development and government policies and policies
4 - Scientific and economic research in different fields of agriculture and publish its results.
Five studies conducted in villages needed to determine the major agricultural problems and prepare and publish information and statistics.
6 bills and prepare the necessary recommendations to achieve goals and tasks of ministries, to plan the cabinet.
7 monitor the activities of governmental institutions and companies affiliated to the ministry and program of action and coordination needed
8 - Conducting studies and actions required in preparation and production and distribution of seedlings and seeds to suit weather conditions and agricultural regions and determine the appropriate criteria.
9 - research related to diseases and pests and crops and determine the best method of prevention and fight with them.
10 research and soil fertility studies, identification, classification, studies and efforts to preserve and protect agricultural lands and determine productivity.
11 focus and administration related to agricultural vocational education and training in order to expand the force needed skilled and professional education needs of agriculture sector and announced the country's universities and higher education institutions
12 publication and dissemination of results of studies and research and provide guidelines and training necessary to familiarize the natural and legal persons shall work in agriculture with the principles and techniques of agriculture and promote new knowledge and professional farmers and gardeners Awareness.
13 joint research and exchange continued with higher education institutions and state research
14 supply and distribution of agricultural inputs such as fertilizer, pesticide, seed, plant, machinery Kshavrzyv ... Farmers needed technical services and operations required Bazrganymvrd
Agricultural Mechanization Development 15 according to the climatic characteristics and cultural characteristics of different regions and provide technical support and services needed
16 laws and regulations related to land reform and elimination of errors Nshay transfer and dispute resolution in this regard.
17 Governance delegations seven land transfer
18 done any study and measures to monitor executive and optimal use of water, soil and applying new technology in the context of goals and missions ministries.
19 operations and investigations related to soil and water inside the farm, including segmentation, land leveling, correction and restoration of traditional drainage network, building irrigation networks, construction of roads between farms, providing coverage of traditional Rivers, irrigation canals and fixing the jet intake .
20 farm irrigation efficiency through proper selection and applying and changing irrigation improvement projects and provide necessary facilities in this case

21 - evaluation and studies necessary to design and develop small water resources projects after obtaining permission from the Ministry of Energy.
22 law enforcement duties arising from the equitable distribution of water and its subsequent amendments.
23 equip and modernize traditional lands and farms in Zyrsdha.
24 lands to facilitate the integration of operations, planting, cropping, and resources for effective use of agricultural inputs in farm country
25 pest control operations and illnesses, and public participation in the plant quarantine pests and diseases and to prevent the public and the prevalence of pests and diseases entering the plant quarantine and supervision of entry and distribution of pesticides and plant diseases and pests of vegetable material insecticide and venture into the preparation and production
26 study, creation and launch of new agro-industry units in accordance with the needs of agriculture sector within the country and government policies and programs to enhance agricultural production and improve product quality itself or in partnership with the private sector and rural cooperative network and technical services and the necessary expertise in this area
27 development and production of rural co-operative societies and other organizations and supports the production and technical services, training, credit and commerce and provide them to organizations and causes such acts Self supervision required
28 encourage investment in agricultural development as non-governmental trade and economic units and provide assistance to producers damaged credit
29 planning and implementing programs to buy and sell agricultural products as a guarantee by using government funds
30 - provide facilities for exporting agricultural products abroad
Creating 31 exhibits agricultural products within and outside the country or participate in them.
Regulation 32 setting the market and developing agriculture through good markets for buying and selling and marketing these products inside and outside the country and strengthen the rural co-operative societies and production in this field.







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